Wednesday, May 15, 2013

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My Testimony to God's Saving Grace

My B.C. years were pocked with sin and grief. I did all I could to fulfill my carnal ambitions. Thinking I would always earn a living as a musician, I dropped out of high school to devote myself to sex, drugs and rock n' roll. Getting high was my top priority. I was jailed eventually, hospitalized, and committed to a mental institution because of my suicidal inclinations. When I was released, I continued pursuing the same activities. I did all I could to escape reality. I was running from myself...running from my past...and without knowing it at the time, running straight into the hands of God! I now realize the Lord was setting up all the roadblocks, detours, and dead-ends in my life, leading me through a seemingly hopeless maze into a direct confrontation with His Son, Jesus Christ! Hebrews 1:14 declares that God sends His angels to render service to "those who will inherit salvation." He was surely doing that in my tangled life. One night, while alone in my room, I could run no longer. I reached out to the Lord and cried in desperation for Him to save me from a life misspent. He heard my plea and miraculously and instantly transformed me. I will never be the same.